Day 37: Just past Llwyngwril to just past Aberdyfi

With town about 8 miles away we set off somewhat early in hopes of lunch.  A few unintentional detours later we arrived in town at 2:30.  The most important thing we have learned about Welsh towns is that it is impossible to find food at 2:30.  Places serve lunch from 12-2 and then reopen the kitchen at 5:30.

So when we saw a cafe serving food at 2:30 we jumped at the opportunity, but we probably should have passed.  When we go to restaraunts Seth and I always take the opportunity to charge our phones.  Seth likes to ask for permission as a mere formality, so I asked this time assuming I would get the same response we always do: “of course”.  This time it was “Sorry, we don’t have any outlets for for public use”.  We stared in blank disbelief as she walked away. She came back a minute later and said that after asking the boss, we could use the outlet for £2.50 each…

I politely rejected the offer and then did some quick math and looked up the cost of a kilowatt-hour in the u.k.  Based on the inscription on my charger I found that it would draw .15 amps at 240v.  Equaling .036 Killowatts. Multiplied by the u.k. average of 10 pence per kilowatt-hour hour you find that the combined cost for 2 people charge their phones for 1 hour is: wait for it… .72 Pence.  For those oof you who are not familiar with British currency, that is almost exactly 1 penny. But who am I to judge, these are hard economic times.  Every fraction of a Pence counts.

On a side note, what we thought was an unoccupied field when we put up our tents has now become a densely populated cow pasture.  The fat tan one appears to be the leader.  He also is the one most interested in getting inside of my tent.  Hopefully seth will not have to run barefoot towards the cows smacking his shoes together more than once.  Since he did so they have retreated to a nearby treeline and are now blankly staring from a distance.



One thought on “Day 37: Just past Llwyngwril to just past Aberdyfi”

  1. So it was .72 pence to charge your phones? The decimal got lost in the ellipses the first time I read it through, but man those guys are sticklers. Wonder what would have happened if you just didn’t ask and started charging.


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