Day 60: Llaphare to Carmarthen

First long hiking day in a while.  The weather started out shaky with several short showers in the morning, but eventually the skies cleared up.  What didn’t get better however was the temperature.  I am pretty sure winter started the first day of September and from here on out it will be cold.  Not extremely cold, but it has been in the low 50s and non stop wind for the last 3 days.  When you spend all day and night outside, that starts to get cold.

Most of the hike was inland, away from the coast, due to an estuary that protrudes inland about 5 miles up to St. Clears’s. Because of this we were walking through the middle of cow pastures rather than just the edges.  In one particular pasture we were greeted by a large group of curious cows that surrounded us and stood in our path staring blankly back at us.  Eventually we walked through the pack and sent them running in all directions.

The cows let us walk away for a bit before falling in line, single file on the trail behind us.  I found this curious, but wasn’t concerned about it.  I was about 50 yards ahead of Casey and Seth we  I hear Seth yell “Collin! RUN!”.  Words do not do justice for what happened next.  I turned to see an entire herd of cows splitting around Seth and Casey and charging right for me.  I turned and ran.  Backpack bouncing up and down on my back while I kept looking over my shoulder to the sight of cows quickly closing in on me.

Fortunately, I only had about 20 yards to run before hopping over a gate and turning around to see about 15 of the beasts stop dead in their tracks a few feet from the gate staring me straight in the eye.  I have no idea what I did to make them angry, but it certainly amused Seth and Casey.  They could hardly walk for the next 5 minutes as they were bent over laughing while recounting the events from their own perspective.

Safe from the stampede, we hiked another 10 miles to Carmarthen and found a room for the night.



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