Day 62: Just past Kidwelly to Gowerton (9/5/2015)

With only a handful of days left before we leave Wales and over 200 miles of trail left, the as are starting to get pretty long.  Too long for Seth and Casey.  I decided to do a 22 mile day, and they decided to walk to the next town and catch a train to where I was headed for the day.

So I broke camp and set off solo down the trail early in the morning.  The weather started off kind of shaky, and I was worried about hiking 22 miles if it was going to rain all day.  Fortunately, after a short shower the sky cleared up and stayed that way the rest of they day.

As the shower ended,  I approached a town from the beach that I had been hiking on for the last 6 miles.  As the town got closer I realized that a channel separated me from town.  I had no idea how to get across and as the tide was now coming in, the problem was only getting worse.  I walked inland along the channel for about a mile before I realized that it simply wasn’t going to end.  So I hiked up my shorts and waded through knee deep water to the bike path on the other side.

After that the trail was a breeze.  I started moving pretty quickly and only stopped a few times.  Once to talk to the man pictured below.  I saw him walking up to the path getting ready to strap in to his contraption, so I asked him how far he was going.  He told me that he would be hiking 2000 miles around britain, skipping only the northern coast of Scotland as it will be to cold by the time he gets there.  I wished him luck and went on my way.

In the late afternoon I reached town and immediately  started looking for wifi.  Upon finding I received a message from seth informing me that they were waiting for a train and would be there in an hour.  I beat them!  I got some indian food before heading to the train station to meet them.  They arrived shortly and we hiked to the edge of town and set up camp.




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