Day 63: Just past Gowerton to just past Port Eynon (9/6/2015)

My first marathon day!  In the hiker world, this is any day on which total distance hiked exceeds 26.1 miles.  The length of a marathon.  With 45 miles left to get to swansea ( the next major city after carmarthen) and only 2 days until my next fantasy football draft, I decided that I would do a bulk of the miles today and get into town early in the afternoon the following day. 

Seth and Casey were not interested in this plan at all, so last night we looked at the map to find a meeting point.  Then I remembered that it would be Sunday and buses basically don’t exist on Sundays.  So I suggested that we split up for 2 days and meet in swansea.  This would be much easier than negotiating busses between tiny towns on a sunday.   With our plans in place i set off early in the morning planning to camp by myself for the first time this trip. 

The day started out easy, but eventually the miles started to take there toll.  My feet started to hurt only about 10 miles in and my food supply was running low.  I had no snacks for the day and only 2 packages of Ramen noodles.  On top of this I was low on water.  While I cooked my lunch I looked at the map and realized that all of the towns coming up were entirely to small to have food service.  I was starting to think the next 24 hours were going to suck… a lot.

After about 20 miles I reached a long beach that was quite busy with people.  I also notice that at the end of the beach was a small town next to a popular geographic feature “Worms head”, a small island that can be reached by foot during low tide.  I got my hopes up and was not let down.  You can always count on the Welsh to build a pub and an ice cream shop anywhere there might be visitors.

I refueled on a low quality overpriced meal at of of the several small establishments that were clustered just outside of the park boundary and took off with my newly aquired high morale.  I just ignored the fact that eating did not make my feet feel better.

As the sun started to set I worried that I was not going to make it past Port Eynon.  I had just past a sign that said I was 3 miles from town.  I did some quick math in my head and decided that if it was before 7:30 I would push past town.  If it was later, I would camp at the next suitable site.  I looked at my clock not sure which result I was favoring.. it said 7:23.  So I put on Blink- 182 ‘ s greatest hits and took off. 

I made it past town and found a perfect campsite overlooking a rocky beach with about 20 more minutes of daylight to go.  I pitched my tent and finally sat down to give my legs some much needed recovery time.  One last thing:  I will call this my thought of the day.  Are there deer in the U.K.?





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