Day 64: Just past Port Eynon to Swansea (9/8/2015)

Yesterday’s marathon took its toll.  The 18 miles between where I woke up and town were painful.  I trudged along all morning and afternoon before reaching town late in the afternoon.  I found wifi and received a message from seth telling me what hotel they were at.  I found seth out front and he gave me a big hug.  2 days apart was too long for both of us.

I limped upstairs in complete pain through my whole body and layed in bed the rest of the night.  Seth brought me back some food and we discussed our plans for the next few days.  After looking at the trail on Google maps we realized that the trail was through cities and industry the rest of the way.  Almost 800 miles in and running out of time, we decided we would hike to Port Talbot over the next 2 days and finish our hike there by taking the train to Cardiff to celebrate completing our version of the Wales Coast Path.


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