Day 65: Swansea to a road just short of Port Talbot (9/9/2015)

With only 10 miles to get to Port Talbot today was a lazy day.  A Google search for Pizza nearby yielded results that revealed the location of a domino’s, so a unanimous vote resulted in the purchase of 2 large pepperoni pizzas.  We enjoyed our feast at the beach before heading out of town late in the afternoon.

After hiking 6 or 7 miles and taking a brief pitstop at McDonald’s it was getting dark and we were having trouble finding a campsite.  After losing the trail a few times, we picked it back up on a forest road and decided it was the best campsite we would find.

So we set up our tents as far from the edge of the road as we could without falling into the neighboring ravine and fell asleep for the last time along the Wales Coast Path.


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