Just outside of Port Talbot to Cardiff (9/10/2015)

Our 2 month streak of illegal camping in a foreign country without anyone saying a word to us was broken on our very last day.  In true Welsh fashion it was an old man walking his dog who politely informed us that we should get moving before the Forest Service finds us.  So not really a problem.

We promptly packed up anyway and within a couple of hours we arrived at Port Talbot.  It was a decent sized town, and with time to kill before the train arrived, we went to the mall to get some real clothes.  I bought a completely new outfit including shoes.  With this purchase compete my reintegration from hiker trash to normal society was complete and Phase 2 of this trip had began.  No longer will I walk into a pub sporting short shorts and a solid color t-shirt that permanently reeks of hiker stench.  The downside to this though is that 95% of the contents of my backpack are completely worthless.  I will have to investigate the cost of sending my backpacking gear home. 

After the shopping was done, we caught our train to Cardiff and checked into our hostel that would be home for the next 3 days.  I took a shower and put on my new outfit which immediately prompted a histarical laugh from seth.  He had never seen me in real clothing.


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