Day 2.5 and 3 Dublin to Galway

Update on soccer match! Rovers win, rovers win, rovers win! My first real soccer/football match in Europe was a success.  We arrived just before it started and got general admission tickets for 15 euros.  We were pleasantly  surprised  when we got third row seats until we realized why all of the front rows were open.  It turns out when it’s raining sideways the first few rows aren’t blocked by the overhang.  Despite this we still had a good time cheering along with the belligerent  home crowd during the rovers 3-0 routing of Luxembourg.


Day 3:  after some convincing by the other guys,  Seth and I decided to delay our hike by a day and go to Galway for a day.  So we woke up early and caught a bus out of downtown dublin direct to Galway.  The Irish countryside is probably beautiful, but for the first 30 minutes out of town the highway was lined with trees preventing us from seeing any of it.  Seth told me the trees weren’t their the whole time, but I fell asleep before that and didn’t wake up until we arrived in town.  We dropped our bags off at the hostel and immediately   hopped on a tour bus to see the cliffs of Moher,  Or as I prefer to call them “The Cliffs of Insanity”!  Apparently this is where the classic scene from princess bride was filmed.


After getting back from the tour we signed up for the hotel’s social pub crawl and headed off again.  We met up with a big  group of others staying at the hostel mostly all English speaking from Australia, u.s., and Britain. A group of British girls made fun of us when we said we were going to wales.  None of them had ever even been there, so iam guessing it will be better than they indicated.  After a long day I snuck into my room that was already occupied by 3 sleeping strangers and passed out.


Day 2: More Dublin

Apparently it takes more than 1 night to fix jet lag.  I woke up at about 5:30 this morning wide awake, I usually struggle to get up before 9.  I layed in bed for a while and after a bit, Our host, Michael, once again outdid himself by serving us breakfast and dropping us off at the train station.

Our first stop was the guiness factory tour, or what my former coworker Carlos would call Mecca.  I was a little disappointed that it was really just a museum next to the actually factory, but it was interesting enough and included a beer served at the top of the building alongside what is arguably the best view in Dublin.


We sat and watched a storm roll by before heading to lunch at the Brazen Head.  The oldest pub in Ireland, the Brazen head was established in 1198.  I enjoyed some corned beef (1 of 2 things I have to eat before leaving ireland)  and watched the rain come down some more.  After that, we checked out Trinity College’s campus before catching the train back out of town.

Yesterday we ran into some crazy Germans who told us about a soccer game between the Shamrock Rovers and Luxembourg tonight.  So after a quick nap and some dinner we will be heading there to see what real soccer fans look like.

Day 1: Dublin Ireland

The plane touched down in ireland at 8:00 local time on a soaked runway that was only getting wetter.  I expected nothing less from the Emerald Isle which in my mind is 55 and rainy all year round.  After an uneventful trip through immigration (Eric Arsenaux and multiple online articles indicated that my encounter with them would not be so simple) I walked out of terminal 1 to find my hiking buddy Seth and his 2 friends waiting for me.

Like most of the things I do, I had made no plans and figured we would find a cheap hotel room to split after wandering around in the rain all day.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Seth’s friend Ryan informed me that a family friend was coming to pick us up and we have a place to stay the whole time we are in ireland!  Soon we were all crammed into a little Toyota with the steering wheel fixed in front of the wrong seat and off for a personal tour of Dublin.

After a nice drive through the city and some of the surrounding
countryside we arrived at my new friend’s home  for some breakfast and a nap before heading in to town for the evening.  Currently the rain has stopped and the sky is clearing up.  It should  be a beautiful afternoon in Dublin.